Amazon Firestick can be used with Dansk IPTV

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Amazon Fire TV Stick is a portable USB type plugin device that can easily and instantly convert your normal TV to a Smart TV. You can take it everywhere in the world and can plugin into any TV any time into HDMI port of TV and start watching your favorite TV, Shows, Movies, Songs and other streaming media like VOD and MOD. This a simple and a small sized device comes the latest version around 49$ from their official site.

IPTV Smarters and IPTV Smarters Pro are free default IPTV Player application for both iOS and Android devices. The company WHMCSSmarters started their services in 2018 dedicated to IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) services and Xtream-Codes.

The application supports all new features every IPTV user need including EPG, Groups/Categorized channels, channels logos, channel favourites, hiding/locking and many more. The application is actually very easy to use but many users don’t know how to setup IPTV Smarters App and settings. So we are here with step by step tutorial for the IPTV Smarters Pro App.

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